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6 Great Ways To Remove Snow On Your Residential Property

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As the temperature plummets and winter approaches, it is probably the time to start thinking about your residential snow removal. One of the smartest steps you can take as a homeowner involves utilizing professional residential snow removal services.

However, there are other steps you can take to remove snow and avoid the buildup of ice on your residential property. Removing snow from your sidewalks, porches, and driveways can be a major hassle in the winter. But with the right approach, you can handle it safely and efficiently.

There are several ways to remove or prevent the buildup of ice on your residential property. Here are just some suggestions:

Removal of Snow on the Roof of your Home

The accumulation of ice on your roof can result in the formation of ice dams which can damage the roof and cause leaks. Your downspouts and gutters are also at risk. So, it is important to remove snow from your roof to avoid costly damages. Here are some of the ways to remove or prevent the accumulation of ice on the roof of your home:

Heat cables for Snow Removal

One of the ways to remove snow or prevent the buildup of ice on your roof is by installing heat cables. While heat cables can help to prevent ice dams, they are usually expensive to run and install.

Shoveling or Roof Raking Snow

This is another efficient way of removing the buildup of ice on your roof. It is relatively inexpensive but can be tricky and time-consuming. Now comes the question, should you remove the snow with a rake or a shovel? The answer depends on (a) how big, and tall your roof is, (b) the quantity of snow on your roof, and (c) whether the snow itself is wet and heavy or powdery and light.

Roof raking is one of the best winter-long tasks you can perform to keep the snow off your roof. You can probably reach most or all of your roof with a rake if you live in the small one-story home. Raking off the snow regularly will help keep your roof snow-free. If your home is taller than one-story building, this option can be an ideal way to clear the overhangs. This will prevent the buildup of ice while removing excess weight on the weakest part of your roof. Remember to always use caution climbing the ladder and balancing on some roofs.

However, this option has its limitations. If you live in a tall building, raking any higher than the overhangs might be difficult even with extension rods for your rake. Removing the snow out your roof valleys with a roof rake will also be a physical challenge. This is because the surface is angular and the rake is flat. Moreover, this option is not always effective at clearing heavy, hardened or wet snow from the roof.

Shoveling, as a residential snow removal technique starts where roof raking stops. It is the best option for roofs with (a) too much snow for a rake to handle, (b) heavy or hardened snow, or (c) too large or tall roofs that you’re unable to reach with your rake. Moreover, it is a better snow removal option where heavy lifting is required or when you want to clear your roof completely.

Shoveling your Footpath and Driveway

Removing snow from your sidewalks and driveways with a shovel is an affordable and eco-friendly solution. There are some factors you need to put into consideration, should you choose to use this option, including your safety, efficiency, and comfort. There are dangers associated with snow shovelings, such as frostbite and back injuries. Hence, you must be prepared to tackle this job correctly.

The tips below will help you remove snow safely and efficiently:

  • Snow shoveling can be an exciting form of exercise. However, you might want to get your doctor’s recommendation before you beginning any strenuous activity.
  • Dress properly! Add multiple layers of clothing for comfort and protection against the cold. You should also put on slip-resistant footwear. The moment you start sweating while removing the snow, peel off a layer of the clothing.
  • Start by stretching your muscles; this will help to avoid injury.
  • Maintain a good posture while removing the snow, to avoid straining your back.
  • Stay hydrated, drink enough water.
  • Apply wax to the blade of your shovel. This trick helps to prevent sticking of the ice to the blade when you attempt to fling it into a pile.
  • Do not push yourself above your limits. You can take a break when you feel tired or every 5 minutes to relax and drink water.

Heated Driveway Systems

This is another eco-friendly solution. It involves installing electric heaters under the driveway. The system radiates heat upward to melt the snow, thus, reducing the buildup of ice on your driveway. Compared to shoveling, heated driveway system provides an easier way to clear snow off your driveway. However, the cost of installing and running the system is relatively expensive.


Using a snowblower can be an effective way of clearing snow from your sidewalk and driveways. Most people believe this option is better than risking a back injury while shoveling. However, the cost of renting, purchasing or running the machine is relatively high.

De-icing Products

Several snow melting products have been developed to remove snow and slippery surfaces. Some of these products are expensive and may end up harming pets, damaging your flooring or plants in your landscape. Be sure to research the product and see if an accredited association has approved it.

Hiring A Professional For Residential Snow Removal Services

Of course, you can hire a professional residential snow removal contractor to handle the job rather than going through the task on your own. It is one of the best ways to remove snow quickly and efficiently from your residential property. Below are the reasons you might have to hire a professional contractor.

1. They help to reduce the risk of injuries and accidents. You do not have to go through the hazards of removing the snow on your own.

2. They make use of specialized equipment to speed up the snow removal process

3. This option is relatively cheap since you won’t have to buy or rent any snow removal equipment.

4. Hiring a professional contractor reduces the stress of removing the snow on your own

5. Saves time and money.


No doubt, removing snow from your residential property is highly beneficial. Not only is it a great way to maintain your property but also to prevent accidents and injuries. We deliver courteous and fast residential snow removal services that few other professional contractors can match. Taking care of the back-breaking work involved in the snow removing process is our specialty. Call us today, and let us manage your residential snow removal needs.

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