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Constructing a Driveway at Home

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Tips To Turn Any Lawn Into A Driveway: Application, Benefits, & Materials

Do you live in a busy street? Do you always struggle for parking every day? Well, you can still convert your front garden into a driveway and obliterate the hassles. Here are some handy paving tips to help you turn your garden into a productive parking spot.

How Much Space Do You Need?

If you’re living in an expensive urban area, you can boost your home’s resale value by turning your front lawn or garden into an off-street parking spot. You might not want to set the entire backyard into a parking spot so that’s why you should consider the amount of space you need. You also need to find the area; perhaps you have fixed items in the way that cannot quickly be moved such as a pond or water wall from Luxe Water Falls. Also, consider the space that you have to play with. For instance, what’s the size of the garden? How many cars do you and your partner have? With a proper estimation, you can always make your life much easier especially if your street is overcrowded or if you need a parking permit to park your car.


Is There Planning Permission Required?

In most cases, you need planning permission to do any renovation in your home. Well, the good news is that you don’t need to replace or create a new driveway with a planning permission. The key here is proper drainage because if you’re using a porous material such as permeable asphalt, gravel or permeable block paving, there’s no need to get a planning permission.

Note that, you also don’t need the permission if the parking spot has been constructed in such a way as to drain a lawn or border accordingly. Keep in mind that if you’re covering more than 5 square meters with the impermeable material, then the rainwater won’t drain into the permeable area, you will need planning permission. The rules apply to the land between the street and the front walls of your home.

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• Check The Development Permissions

The rules mentioned above are only applicable to houses with permitted development rights. Therefore, if you’re living in a mansion or flat without any permitted development rights, you need to get the right planning permissions for any off-street parking. The same applies if your PD rights have been removed with the article 4 direction which commonly happens in conservation areas.

• Consider Paving

Is your front garden wholly or partially paved? You might think it is ideal to make it a parking spot. Note that, unless the paving was designed for parking purposes only, it might not have enough hardcore thus making it unsuitable for withstanding the weight of a car. It might seem like a good idea to extend your off-street parking, but you’re wrong.

It’s often difficult to match the existing paving material especially if it’s been in place for a long time and has undergone a lot of wear and tear. Additionally, it might not have been appropriately constructed initially, so it’s always good to start afresh.

• Consider Dropped Curbs

Just as you’re considering a driveway for your home, you also need a somewhat dropped curb to make it easier to get in and out of your car. You need a planning permission for your dropped curb, and the local council does the work, so you need to pay something extra for it.

For a dropped curb, you need planning permission, and the local council is responsible for doing the work, something you have to pay for eventually. Note that, the pavement needs to be altered such as different angling or strengthening.

There are instances where you might be denied the planning permission if the front garden is too small or if the house is constructed on a road bend. So it’s always a good idea to consult the local council early enough.

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Dan Kirksey
Dan Kirksey

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