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If your paved asphalt surface is deteriorating, has some minor cracks, is crumbling, or overall needs any repair, we are at your service with the most popular and effective asphalt driveway repair options & solutions – asphalt driveway maintenance and asphalt overlay just to name a few. With the overlay, we will place a new layer of asphalt over your existing layer, making it look and feel brand new.
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Asphalt Overlay & Driveways

Have you ever noticed, when you travel on a smooth, damage-free asphalt surface, your tires don’t bounce? This is one of the many wonders of asphalt.

The fact is, asphalt is a staple in modern society. In fact, up to 94 percent of all roads are paved with this material.

Unfortunately, due to extreme weather conditions, high heat, and continuous traffic, no asphalt surface is going to remain smooth and perfect forever. When issues do occur, contacting the pros for asphalt crack repair is a must.

The question is – what method is best? There are two main methods used for fixing cracks in asphalt:

  1. Sealing the cracks
  2. Filling the cracks

Each option has both pros and cons, and some cracks are better fixed with one option than the other.

Do you need a new asphalt driveway?

Our asphalt paving costs for driveways are affordable, yet we guarantee to provide you with the best driveway around. This is because we know asphalt driveway paving costs can be very high. We’re here to work with you.

Service is our number one priority. We enjoy helping fellow homeowners. Contact us to get the best prices around without having to worry about if you hired the right paving company.

Is your asphalt dirty? Having trouble cleaning it? Asphalt cleaning is one of our specialties. We use cleaners such as asphalt degreaser that are made specific for your dirty driveways, roads, sports courts, or sidewalks.

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Pavement overlays are the best way to restore a surface and improve smoothness, friction, and beauty of a newly paved surface. It can also add structural support and improve your pavements longevity.

Nothing too serious? Our professionals also fill or patch any pavement cracks you have in order to improve the life of your pavement and save you money instead of having to pay for a whole new overlay.

Think your asphalt is to the point of no repair?

An asphalt overlay is great if you’re selling your house. A large amount of our asphalt paving jobs are homeowners. A new overlay is very important when selling a home as the driveway is the first part of the house your potential buyers see, drive and step foot on. It will really assist your home in standing out and selling fast. Have us place a new asphalt overlay on your driveway and add a simple design with brick or stone edges which will give it a very elegant look compared to just grass on both sides.

We are your Maryland Paving and Sealing Professionals.

We Protect your driveways and roads with a clean, fresh new sealcoat – giving your pavement the best treatment available. The major benefits of our sealcoating are twofold:

  • It protects the pavement’s integrity
    • Prevents water and weather damage
    • Prevents erosion from petroleum products
    • Prevents UV absorption
  • It improves the pavement’s appearance
    • Restores black finish on asphalt
    • Rejuvenates faded concrete
    • Prevents unsightly staining and cracking

Damaged Asphalt? No Problem!

Asphalt, a petroleum product, is commonly damaged through contact with other petroleum products such as gasoline and oil. These react with the surface, causing the bonding agents in the asphalt to break down and compromise the pavement’s integrity. The sealcoat will act as a barrier against those materials, protecting your asphalt from the erosion, cracking, and fading caused by vehicle leaks and spills.

While concrete doesn’t face the challenges of erosion related to petroleum based products, it is equally susceptible to other damaging agents such as water, sun, snow, and salt. Pavements in areas that experience frequent freezing and thawing are especially compromised, as water will seep into the pavement, expand when frozen, and then thaw, breaking down the bonds in the paving material, weakening it and causing cracks and crumbling. Concrete is also more easily stained that asphalt; sealcoating can help to prevent stains caused by spills and leaks.

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Why Have Your Asphalt Repaired by Our Paving Contractors?

You can prevent premature damage to your pavement and update the look of your driveway or lot by investing in our quality, yet affordable sealcoating. Sealcoating every few years is a smart move for maintaining the integrity and visual appeal of your pavement, and one that will save you money on repairs and replacements.

Whether you’re looking to sealcoat a new pavement for the first time or whether you’ve got an existing driveway, patio, street, or other paved surface needing a touchup, we’ve got you covered. We are equipped to handle all aspects of the process including pre-sealing cleaning and repairs. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation, and our experts will be more than happy to take a look at your pavement, discuss your needs, and make a plan. Your input combined with our knowledge will determine the type of sealcoating used and the date of the job.

Our business is built on the paving industry and everything paving-related, so you can be sure that we’ve got the industry experience and know-how to get the job done and do it right the first time.

Our sealcoating services are offered in a wide range of areas, including Frederick, Hagerstown, Rockville, Bethesda, Baltimore, Annapolis, Silver Spring, DC, and Northern Virginia. If you don’t see your location listed here, give us a call, let us know where you are, and we’ll see what we can do.

The Asphalt Sealcoating Process:

Brand new pavement can’t be sealed immediately and will require at least 6 months to cure properly before the first application. If the pavement is in good condition, it only needs to be clean and dry to apply the sealant. If the pavement is considerably soiled with oil slicks or other types of spills, it will need to be treated with a cleaning solution and washed thoroughly. If the pavement is damaged with cracks or holes, these must first be cleaned and treated appropriately with a filler, which must be allowed to cure before sealant can be applied.

​The type of sealant used will be chosen by our trained experts, and an application time will be scheduled based on your timeframe and local weather patterns. It’s important for proper curing to apply sealant in mild weather when no rain is expected for at least a few days. Sealcoating will be applied to the clean, dry pavement, spread in an even layer across the entire surface, and allowed to cure.

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