Reasons Your Parking Garage Needs Maintenance

7 Reasons Your Parking Garage Needs Maintenance

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A parking lot can say a lot about a business in terms of safety, customer happiness, and the wellbeing of a business. 

Did you know it’s probably one of the first things that your customer sees about your business? If your parking lot has cracks, faded lines, and is generally not in good condition, you have to believe that it leaves an impression on your customers before they enter your building.

Your parking lot can win over a customer before they enter your building. In the same way, you can lose a customer by not maintaining your parking lot garage.

If you do maintain your parking garage, it can increase your business profit and customer or tenant satisfaction. 

This is why you need to know how the various ways to maintain your parking garage. It’s not just a place to park cars. It’s the beginning of your customer journey and how they see your business. 

Here are the top 7 reasons your parking garage needs maintenance. 

Reasons Your Parking Garage Needs Maintenance

When you assess your parking garage, you need to assess the concrete, the cleanliness, and how it affects your customers.

1. Asphalt is Cracked

Reasons your parking garage needs maintenance could be because your garage is cracking.

Any business owner who has a poor looking parking lot garage is at risk of losing tenants or customers. This is because the parking lot is the first thing that people see. People sometimes see a parking lot garage in poor condition and can associate the poor condition with how the business is run.

Pavement maintenance can ensure that the cracks and potholes are not only filled but how you can avoid it altogether from happening.

It’s recommended that you fill in your parking garage fillings every 3-5 years. But you should also know some of the warning signs of when it’s time to get a new parking garage pavement. 

Crack fillings are estimated to last nearly 30 years. 

2. Your Parking Garage has Potholes

Potholes can be a major issue for tenant or customer vehicles. It can damage their tires or their car entirely. This is why it’s important to fill in the cracks of your parking lot garage. 

Avoiding these issues can make a simple repair of your parking lot garage into a full-blown replacement of the entire asphalt. 

Doing a weekly or monthly inspection on your parking lot garage can give help you maintain your parking garage. It can help you avoid getting potholes. 

You can read more about the difference between repairing or replacing the asphalt in your parking garage in this blog post

3. Trash is Left in Parking Garage

Taking care of the trash in your parking lot garage leaves a good impression with people who visit your building. 

This is another reason why doing a weekly or monthly inspection of your parking garage matters. 

You’ll also want to clean oil spills or leaks on the asphalt. 

Maintaining a clean parking lot garage tells the customer that their car will be taken care of, the tires won’t be damaged, and that it’s in a safe and clean environment.  

4. Your Tenants or Customers Complain

This is an obvious problem for businesses because they are losing direct value from the customer. 

If a customer or tenant goes out of their way to tell you that the parking lot garage is dirty or needs to be fixed in areas, it’s a sign that you need to fix it.

You are losing out on profit by not fixing the problem because you are losing out on potential customers. 

One way to address this is to fix the problem and let the tenants or customers know that you have fixed the issue. 

5. Your Property Value is Lower Than You Thought

If you ever considered getting a valuation of your property before selling and found it was significantly lower than you expected, it might be because the parking lot garage is in terrible condition. 

Fixing the cracks, the potholes, and maintaining the trash can raise the price of your building before selling.  

6. You Have an Infestation Problem

If your parking lot garage is in poor condition and not kept clean, you’ll have to watch out for rats and other kinds of infestation problems. This can be disgusting for people who have to get out of their cars and experience roaming rats or bugs. 

This is a reason to upkeep your parking garage simply because it is disgusting and drives away the customer. 

This problem can lead to other problems, such as an infestation of the building, which can cost you more dollars and the loss of potential customers or tenants. 

If you have an infestation issue, it can lead to another significant problem in public safety.

7. You Have a Public Safety Issue

Public safety should be your number one goal as a business owner because you don’t want people getting hurt on your property. It can also lead to lawsuit against your business. 

If someone hurts themselves by tripping in a pothole or getting bit by a rodent while on your property can lead to legal issues for your business. 

Public safety is a major reason to have parking lot maintenance. 

The Ultimate Benefits of Parking Garage Maintenance

The ultimate benefit of a clean and smooth parking lot garage is because it better represents your business. It shows the customers or tenants why their car won’t be damaged from potholes and what they can expect from a business that maintains their building structures. 

There are always reasons your parking garage needs maintenance. As a business owner, you have to consider the ultimate reason for maintaining your parking lot. You have to assess how much you value your business and how a parking garage reflects your business.

For more information on parking garage maintenance and the value of asphalt overlay, please visit this blog post

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