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Rockville Snow Removal Services

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If you’ve ever spent time in a place with snow, you know that freezing temperatures and piles of snow can create potentially hazardous conditions. Constant warming and cooling creates sheets of ice that make for treacherous walking and driving, and snow buildup adds difficulty to traveling or parking a car.

The last thing you want is to see the months-long wintery conditions creating dangerous walking or driving environments at your property, especially since they can be avoided. Working with a professional snow removal services provider like MD Paving Pros ensures your commercial pavements stay clean and walkways stay safe.

Why Snow Removal is Important, in Rockville and Beyond

Snow may be fun for sledding or making snowmen, but it is hazardous to your paved surfaces. Accumulation creates danger in many ways, including:

  • Compromised vehicle maneuverability including issues with braking and steering
  • Decreased driving efficiency due to slower traveling speeds
  • Growing maintenance costs both during and after the winter season
  • Increased risk of travel delays and traffic from accidents and snow plow driving patterns
  • Increased risk of vehicle collisions or walking accidents
  • Reduced pavement friction due to icy or ice-like layers between tires and the pavement
  • Diminished roadway capacity as snow piles encroach on drivable lanes

Keeping snow cleaned off your paved surfaces is essential for many reasons, not least of which is that snow-free areas are easier for walking, driving, and parking cars. It also minimizes risks of personal injury or vehicle accidents. Snow that is not regularly removed can also severely damage your pavements.

How Snow Buildup Hurts Paved Surfaces — and How to Protect Them

It can become treacherous when the snow melts on a paved surface and then freezes as temperatures drop. Black ice and other ice buildup create extreme difficulties when walking or driving, often resulting in accidents and falls.

That same process wreaks havoc on your pavements, often in ways that are unseen until a massive problem arises. Snowmelt seeps into your paved surfaces and the ground below then freezes and creates cracks. It can erode the pavement into which you’ve already invested time and money or severely compromise its foundation. Either way, the result is unstable pavement that cracks, breaks down, or crumbles, often into fissures or potholes that then need repairing.

Many people attempt to handle snow and ice removal on their own but are unaware that common practices can be detrimental to their pavements. Salt application may minimize ice, but it often leads to cracks, landscape issues, corrosion, and ecosystem harm. Also, improper shoveling can result in chipping and scratching, and snowblowers are inefficient when working with longer driveways.

Avoid all these potentially devastating snow-related issues by working with a professional snow removal services company, one that can come out regularly to ensure your surfaces are cleared with expert care.

Partner with a Snow Removal Services Expert

When you’re ready to protect not only the people who walk and drive on your paved surfaces but also the pavements, themselves, give MD Paving Pros a call. We’ll set up regular snow plowing, deicing, and other winter-related services to ensure your paved surfaces are protected and stay clean and safe for the entire season.

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