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Should You Restructure or Replace Your Pavements?

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High quality pavement does more than elevate the visual appeal of your property. It can also provide extensive benefits related to safety, cost efficiency, and overall functionality. When properly maintained and regularly examined for wear and tear or potential repairs, it can also remain environmentally friendly and energy efficient even after significant use.

Over time however, property owners and managers will recognize the need to upgrade the surface to maintain safety and function. A full replacement is one option, while a simple reclamation procedure could be another option. While it’s always a good idea to first consult with a grading & excavation contractor, below is some basic information about each alternative to help you identify which option will best suit your needs.

Replacement: Facts and Advantages

The process of replacing the entire surface of your pavement is extensive and should be properly anticipated. In preparation for the process, it is wise to consider traffic flow and redirection, availability of time for the project, and professional assistance for the completion of a high-quality job. Full-depth removal involves the exclusion of the original surface layer as well as foundational layers of dirt and stone. After a thorough grinding and evening procedure, new dirt will be placed before the fresh asphalt is poured.

The advantages of a full-depth pavement replacement include:

  • Correction of subgrade and foundational issues
  • Presence of a reliable and structurally sound surface
  • Peace of mind in the durability and safety of your asphalt
  • Convenient for surfaces with multiple grades (sidewalks, gutters, buildings, etc.)

Reclamation: Facts and Advantages

Reclamation is a cost and time-efficient option that enables continued use of the area throughout the process. Specialized machinery is used to strategically grind and mix the existing particles of foundational stone with asphalt. The discarded material is then smoothed over and regraded to meet the dimensions of the area. It is an excellent option to consider when an upgrade is necessary, but full replacement is excessive and unwarranted.

Reclamation boasts many advantages including:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • The ability to recycle existing asphalt into a whole new surface
  • Reduced need for manpower and heavy machinery
  • Decreased time to complete the project

Which Option Should You Choose?

Determining which method to use during the upgrade process is dependent on several factors including:

  • Whether or not there are limitations to grade adjustments
  • Where the project is taking place
  • Traffic flow
  • Soil and foundation suitability and strength
  • The amount of time to project completion

As soon as you have identified the need to upgrade the pavement of your property, it is time to contact your local experts for help with replacement or reclamation. MD Paving Pros‘ experienced professionals have the tools and knowledge to completely renovate your asphalt in a way that is cost-efficient, safe and timely.

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Dan Kirksey
Dan Kirksey

Dan is an asphalt paving contractor and has been helping business owners and homeowners with their asphalt and concrete projects throughout Maryland for over a decade.

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