reasons to refresh your parking lot lines

7 Reasons to Refresh Your Parking Lot Lines

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Why should you refresh your parking lot lines? Refreshing your lines is a technique that keeps your business in order and helps to prevent hazards. 

Line striping is an important task for the pavement of your commercial property. 

This article provides 7 top reasons to refresh your parking lot lines.

Here’s why you should be consistent with restriping your outdoor space.

1. Reasons to Refresh Your Parking Lot Lines

Keeping your pedestrians safe every day is one of the main reasons to refresh the lines on your commercial property.

Restriping your lines makes it easier for drivers to see where they should park. These markings are also beneficial for guiding drivers through your parking lot and letting them know when to yield to a pedestrian.

It’s difficult for drivers to see fading pavement markings to find a parking spot. This increases risks for accidents to occur on your property. You could also face a lawsuit if a pedestrian is struck by a vehicle.

You’re making the parking experience easier for your drivers and safer for pedestrians who come to your business.

To keep your parking lot safe, you can restripe your pavement every 2 years or as often as needed.

2. Parking Lot Appearance

When was the last time you check the lines on your parking lot?

Make your business stand out by keeping your parking lot lines fresh. You’re also showing how much you care about your property.

Restriping your parking lot makes it more aesthetically appealing and welcoming to your customers. It is also a good reflection of your professionalism and how you want to present your business to the public.

This is also one of the most effective ways for you to give your pavement a quick upgrade.

You have the advantage to invest in a commercial paving service to help you with your line striping needs. Whatever type of design you want for your pavement, you can rely on skillful professionals to tackle your project.

3. Pavement Markings Increase Your Parking Space

Do you struggle to get available space on your commercial property? 

It is necessary to refresh your pavement markings to increase your parking lot space. It is also useful if you have many vehicles using your parking lot.

Updating your pavement markings keeps your customers happy and prevents them from going to another business.

4. Fire Code Compliance

There is a requirement for all commercial buildings to have an assigned parking lot area for fire emergencies. In the event of a fire, you have peace of mind that the fire department will have easy access to all areas of your property.

A fresh restriping job on your pavement conveys your fire code compliance. Whether you have an existing building or a new building, you need to maintain the visibility of your fire lanes.

5. Handicap Parking

The law requires business owners to reserve a handicap parking space. 

It is difficult for a person with a disability to find a designated spot if the parking lot lines are no longer visible.

Most drivers are considerate to not park in a handicapped parking space. However, drivers are not aware they are using a handicap spot or violating the rules if they cannot see the faded lot markings.

This is one of the biggest issues you can prevent by refreshing your pavement lines.

This is an important responsibility that matters a great deal for people with disabilities. Paying close attention to the visibility of your lot lines decreases problems and provides convenience to drivers. 

6. Improves Parking for Drivers

When drivers are unable to see the lines on your lot, it is harder for them to figure out where to park. Besides, a lot of these drivers will not remember the original location of the lines.

The lines on your commercial pavement should be easy to identify, even in bad weather. Restriping your pavement lines helps drivers save time when they’re in a hurry to park. 

7. Parking Organization

Your parking lot can become chaotic when there are no visible markings for a parking space. Without an indication of a parking space, drivers will park anywhere.

Drivers will have a challenging time pulling into a parking spot while other drivers will have a tough time getting out of their parking space.

Vehicles in a parking lot will be in total disorder, which makes it difficult to navigate. Drivers also run the risk of having their vehicles damaged by other moving vehicles. 

A messy parking lot is unprofessional and is not a safe environment for customers. 

The easiest way to maintain an organization on your parking lot is to refresh your lines. Install a design for your lot that makes navigation easier for drivers.

Get the Best Line Striping Service

There are many reasons to refresh your parking lot lines. Your parking lot is a representation of your business. If it is not properly maintained, it may cause trouble for your current customers as well as new customers.

Regardless of the size of your commercial property, you need the right design and striping layout. Restriping your pavement is a thoughtful gesture to your customers. It is also an indication that you want your customers to have a pleasant experience using your commercial property.

Is it time for you to repaint your parking lot? As long as you’re receiving a service from the right professionals, you will know that you’re getting a perfect service. 

If you want exceptional striping for your commercial property, you can reach out to us to schedule a free estimate.

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