The 5 Best Air Compressors For Your Truck

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Keeping your tires inflated is one of the critical maintenance activities for your truck. It is essential for both fuel consumption and safety. Well, a tool for the job is called a truck compressor. Truck compressors are what you use to inflate or deflate your car tires. 

The service truck air compressor is designed in two different ways. There are portable and onboard air compressors for your truck. Truck-mounted air compressor generators are commonly used because they are more efficient. You can easily mount it on the truck bed air compressor. There are different types of onboard air compressors for your truck. However, not all compressors are created equal – some are better than others. And, for obvious reasons, you’ll want to get your best one for your truck work.  

There is an extensive range of onboard air compressors on the market. Keep in-mind the use cases as well. Are you a farmer? Landscaper? A General Contractor? What kind of equipment will share space with your compressor? What kind of roads will you travel? Asking each of these questions can give you a good start to brainstorm what model compressor will best suit you. 

For the sake of better understanding, let’s look at the details. The five best on board air compressors for your truck include: 

1. AIRLIFT 25592 Load Controller II On-Board Air Compressor System

If you are looking for a top-of-the-range onboard air compressor, then here’s your best bet. The AIRLIFT 25592 Load Controller II On-Board Air Compressor System is well designed to make it convenient and efficient to use. The excellent design ensures the air compressor fits well into any truck. It must also be easy to mount the truck bed air compressor, a feature that comes well on this air compressor. 

With the massive variety of budget-friendly equipment in the market, you’ll want to go for a well-designed piece. And with lots of good reviews on this onboard air compressor, you won’t have a problem making your mind buy this system. The information is enough to help inform your decision. 

2. ARB CKMA12 Air Compressor

This is also an onboard air compressor that is well suited for practically any truck. The compressor is designed explicitly for the ARB air locker. However, due to its small size, it can fit other vehicles as well. Although it is small in size, the compressor is very powerful. It can fill any size of a tire within five minutes. It would be best if you had onboard air compressors for your truck to make your drive very efficient. And the better and more efficiently it can work, the more suitable it is for your vehicle. 

If you want something that will fill your deflated tires fast on the road, this is one of the best compressors you can buy. The truck-mounted air compressor generator is automatic, which explains why it generates air quickly to inflate your tires. 

3. AIRLIFT 25655 Load Controller I On-Board Air Compressor System

This onboard air compressor from Amped power solutions is another excellent choice for any truck. If you like to stand out, this particular air compressor will make for a perfect choice as it is unique. 

What makes it unique? It is a dual-type service truck air compressor designed to complete multiple tasks. It makes it relatively easy to fill multiple deflated tires without waiting for a single tire to fill first. Its size also makes it very flexible to use. It measures twenty inches long, ten inches wide, and five inches high. With this size, you can easily mount the truck bed air compressor on virtually any vehicle. 

Besides the convenient size, the air compressor comes with all the accessories you need for mounting. It has all the wiring accessories and an air filter. Just be sure to service the truck air compressor for it to last longer. 

4. VIAIR Ultra Duty Onboard Air System

This is the most versatile type of service truck air compressor available in the Amped power market. It is capable of inflating massive tires. It has quite a high working pressure, providing as high as 200 PSI of pressure. With the VIAIR Ultra Duty Onboard Air System, you can fill a big tire within just seven minutes. This makes the compressor much more suitable for trucks with big tire sizes. It, however, falls short of flexibility when fixing in trucks due to its immense size. The good thing about this onboard truck bed air compressor is that most trucks need its size and comfortably accommodate it. 

5. AIR LIFT 72000 Wireless Air Leveling Compressor

This air compressor is the most convenient type, mounted onto the truck bed air compressor. This compressor will help fill your vehicle’s tires whenever and wherever you are. The wireless feature makes this model more advanced compared to its cousins in the market.  

What you need to consider when choosing the Best Air Compressor 

There are a few factors you need to consider when selecting the best equipment for your truck

For starters, think about the application which you intend to put the air compressor. For trucks, maintenance is critical. To keep your vehicle running well for a long time, you need to inflate the tires constantly. This means the air compressor will be put to heavy use on the road, meaning the air compressor must be able to withstand the heavy use. Notice that having your service truck air compressor helps you lower the maintenance cost of the truck. So it’s a good trade-off any day. 

The size of your tires is the other key consideration. You will need an air compressor that can work fast to inflate tires within a minimal time for the big tires. 

Also, consider the number of operations you will put the air compressor to. This is a significant consideration as well. The capacity of air required for your truck is only provided by the rightly chosen service truck air compressor. There are two methods to help you determine this. The air compressor is either engine-driven or hydraulically driven. If your truck has a hydraulic system, you will need to consider getting a hydraulic-driven compressor. It is cheaper to purchase a corresponding type of air compressor. It is thus wise to choose the suitable onboard air compressors for your truck to ease your work and save on cost as well. The service truck air compressor is available in all sizes. So you can be sure to find the right one for your truck.

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